Meet the Black Sheep Staff


Wendy Frantz

“Being a Black Sheep means that you’re just a little different … and that’s a good thing.” 

Wendy Frantz is a co-owner at Black Sheep Studios, a new fitness studio located on Long Beach Island. An LBI-transplant, Wendy is head over heels for the Island and the fun, laid back vibe that goes along with it.

In early 2016, Wendy and Devon Karvan began dreaming about Black Sheep Studios, a creative space that they would want to work out in. Their vision was to bring a unique “no judgment, no ego” workout space to LBI which became a reality this summer.

 “We just want our clients to have personal goals for themselves and us be the vehicle to help them attain them. We want you to always leave here feeling better than when you came in.”

 Wendy has been teaching for five years, and has over 2,000 hours of private Pilates training under her belt. However, her passion for fitness began long before she started teaching a drunk driver hit her on her bike when she was just 10 years old. The accident resulted in her losing the strength in half her body. She turned to Pilates to help regain her strength. 

“Pilates really helped me in my own journey to better fitness, flexibility and mobility. I fell in love with it. I believe everyone should be doing Pilates.” 

Wendy is certified in STOTT Pilates, which is considered a contemporary, classical style. Flock members can join her for group Pilates, or sign up private Pilates on Apparatus classes. She also instructs Barre and Cycology.

Wendy’s classes are challenging and grueling, yet fun. She wants her students to really become aware of what their body needs, and make that mind-body connection.

When Wendy is not teaching at Black Sheep Studios, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters. If she won the lottery she would hire a chef to clean her two pomegranates everyday. (Because they’re a bitch to clean, of course.)

Devon Karvan

“I walk to the beat of my own drum. Sometimes there isn’t even a drum there.”

Black Sheep Studios is a new fitness studio on Long Beach Island, yet co-owner Devon Karvan has already gained a dedicated and passionate flock. And it’s not hard to see why. She’s got an energy about her that leaves people with a smile on their face – even after an hour on the bike!

Born and raised on LBI, Devon is a certified Barre, Halo and RealRyder Cycling instructor hell bent on delivering a place for locals and visitors to be able to feed their mind, body and soul. And her passion for fitness is something that she’s carried with her from a young age.

Prior to getting certified, Devon danced for over 15 years, including 12 years professionally training with New York City Rockette Verna Pharo. She’s a proud former competitive cheerleader turned snowboarder/ surfer and is now channeling her energy to help people feel good about themselves.

“It’s so rewarding and so much fun. Being in shape has always been a mandatory part of my life and has always stuck with me. I never feel like I’m at work.” 

But it’s not just Devon’s background and experience that keep people coming back for her classes. It's her hair. Just kidding. (Although it's great). Her enthusiasm is contagious. She wants to make you laugh … but that doesn’t mean you’re getting off easy!

Angela Bernabeo

Need some motivation? Angela Bernabeo is your girl! A W.I.T.S. certified personal trainer, Angela is a fitness coach and one of our excellent Cycology instructors.

Angela grew up on Long Beach Island, and although other adventures took her away from the shore, she ended up back in her “happy place” on LBI.

Years ago a lifestyle change allowed Angela to open her eyes to what exercise could do for her, and now she’s working on helping others reach their fitness goals. Ang knows that pushing yourself may not always be the easiest task, but she’s there to nip that “I can’t” attitude in the butt.

 “My classes are fun, I mean, you have music and exercise … what more can you ask for!”

Get ready to sweat, though. As Angela says, “if you want results, then step out of your norm!” She encourages people to invest in themselves by changing things up and trying new exercises and classes.

 When Angela isn’t teaching and coaching she enjoys hanging with friends, enjoying the beach and watching the boats with an ice cream in hand in Barnegat Light.

Kacie Fidler

“Wake up. Kick ass. Be kind. Repeat.”

Kacie Fidler is a certified RealRyder Cycling instructor. Or, as she so lovingly calls it, “biking on steroids.”

She may be new to teaching, but she certainly doesn’t lack experience in the fitness department. Kacie got her first pair of ballet slippers at age 3 and danced through her childhood before finding competitive cheerleading in high school. That focus on being active as a kid helped make fitness a priority in her life today.

Before you enter the studio to take a class with Kacie, get ready to get your booty shaking. Kacie’s a free spirit who wants you to leave her class with a smile on your face, feeling like you’ve accomplished something and are ready to take on the world! Her goal? Help create a happier, healthier version of you.

When she’s not teaching she enjoys spending time on the beach with her friends and family, as well as indulging in some local seafood, burgers and ice cream! She’s also got two dogs, although one could somehow care less about being smothered by her love.

Jenn Errickson

Jenn Errickson is a busy woman, however, she always has time to transform minds and bodies! She is not only one of our talented Cycology instructors, but a health/ nutritional balancing coach and 8th grade language arts literacy teacher.

An athlete from about 6 years old, being active has always been a major part of her life. After playing basketball in college, Jenn kept up her healthy lifestyle by continuing to challenge herself – which is how she ended up getting certified in RealRyder Cycling.

Jenn’s classes are challenging but fun. Her goal is to inspire and motivate people to become “happier and healthier” versions of themselves – whether that involves working out or helping find that passion to feed the mind, body and soul. You’re bound to leave her class feeling energized, excited and looking forward to the next Ryde.

For Jenn, fitness means living in the best body possible. And that means feeling alive, strong and energetic every day – regardless of age! So, get ready to step out of your comfort zone, because Jenn’s going to be there to push you to become the best version of yourself.

When Jenn’s not working she enjoys spending time with her “shadow” and partner in crime, her 15-year-old Husky/ Yellow Lab, Daisy. Long Beach Island is her ultimate happy place, and she loves to cruise the Island. You can find her on the beach or indulging in her favorite food, sushi!

Rose Barbaree.Black Sheep Studios NJ. Instructor

Rose Barbaree

" we rise by lifting others"

     Rose grew up spending her summers on LBI and became a summer resident in 1989. Her passion for fitness began on the island as a preteen and has continued throughout her life. It did not, however, reach its full potential until she discovered Pilates.

     She is a certified instructor with a great love for helping others. Rose believes, as Joseph Pilates did, ..." physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness." She loves her clients to leave the studio feeling stronger and happier and ready to face the day! Her classes teach the fundamentals of Pilates and will help one gain great form while getting a challenging and fun workout.

     When she isn't teaching , she is reading about, watching videos of, practicing new moves and learning more about Pilates. She loves hiking in the woods and spending time on the beach in every capacity. She also loves to cook and has an insatiable love of travel and adventure. 

Colleen McNally.Black Sheep Studios NJ.Instructor

Colleen McNally

Colleen is a Philadelphia native who has relocated to Long Beach Island and is simply over the moon about it. 

Colleen has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 2013. Later in 2016, she became a certified Strong First Level I Kettlebell Instructor. In addition to her fitness experience, Colleen has been dancing since the age of 4. She holds a BFA in modern dance from Temple University. 

Colleen's roots of dance, Pilates and yoga and her recent experience of strength training offers a very unique and varied experience. 

She believes that fitness has a great purpose that goes beyond just looking good! Fitness boosts our confidence and mood and turns all of our "oh I could never's" into "holy shit did I just do that's!" And for the cherry on top...YOU get to take all the credit! YES! Colleen will push you, but you do all the work! All of your progress and success is yours and no one else's! 

Come to class ready to work and have a blast! We have 24 hours in a day and this is your 1 hour to make it all about you! She'll be pumping you up and cheering you on the entire time! When you leave class, you'll be saying in the same breath, "holy shit what just happened and did I just do that?"  Yeaaaahhhh you did! 

When Colleen isn't teaching, she is usually hanging out with her son, Max and boyfriend, John. She loves soaking up rays on the beach and relaxing with friends and family while sipping on coffee or a glass of rosè. 

Black Sheep Studios NJ.Instructor.Kate Degenarro

Kate DeGenarro

Kate, former D1 field hockey player and current full time fitness instructor in Philadelphia, has simply refused to stop sweating. As a certified yoga teacher, Flywheel instructor, Unite Fitness trainer, and health/wellness blogger, Kate is an eternal athlete. A Long Beach Island weekender, you can find Kate in the TRX studio on Sundays or if you’re lucky enough, on the beach in one of her not-to-miss  full body bootcamps. 

Gabrielle Rapp

Growing up a tom-boy, she was always riding quads and dirt bikes or jumping off bridges she wasn't suppose to. Her favorite past time is going to muscle car shows along the East Coast with her dad. It was he who embedded a bad ass nature into her blood.

As a lover of all things design Gabrielle has a deep appreciation for the hard work that goes into a finely sculpted physique. At 21 years young, being fit is simply the lifestyle she chooses to live, and to think it all started by messing around with weights at the gym. 

With an extensive background in the arts, Gabrielle can build a human figure out of clay, draw one from observation, or guide you in sculpting the body you've always wanted! She lives by the words "Eat Clean, Train Mean" so be prepared for a killer 1 hour session of fat blasting!