MY Weight Loss Journey With Black Sheep Studios

Black Sheep Studios welcomes guest blogger and baaa'D ass flock member Jessica Little to the blog! Jessica has graciously shared her weight loss journey with us, and we're so excited and proud that we wanted to share it with all of you! Check out her story below:

I have been all over the map with my weight all of my life … we all know exercise and healthy eating is the key!  However, my personality needs to stay interested or I am on to the next!  

Over the last 3 years my weight jumped from 160lbs to 244lbs. I had a lot of life changes over these past 3 years -- moving to LBI, changes with my business, going through a divorce and starting a new chapter. It has had its ups and downs, and for sanity and health, I have been trying to find a routine that works for my new lifestyle. For once In my life I am ready to put me first and my health. I started by going to the gym everyday at 5:30 for an hour of cardio. Then I tried a few different classes to see what I was comfortable with doing and if I was comfortable in the class. Talk about discouraging. I was so uncomfortable with myself that walking into places that were not warming made it worse!

My weight just continued to jump!!!  I decided in April to make the push and commit to making an hour available to me everyday!! I was in a size 16, which was tight, and I knew this is not the way I want to feel! 

I have had all types of personal trainers, tried several Zumba classes (I love music and dancing), and have tried putting routines together of my own -- nothing compares to Black Sheep Studios! The day I worked out with Devon I knew this was it!  The class that made me feel the most comfortable to go for it and ‘DO IT FOR THE WINE’ or ‘DO IT FOR THE BREAD’ or ‘DO IT FOR ME!!’ She literally kicked my ass and pushed me through the whole workout!

I’m not going to lie and tell you these workouts are easy. However, I will tell you that they will keep you coming back for more!  This is the first time in my life that I have found a studio that makes you feel so comfortable no matter your AGE OR SIZE!!  Everyone there is all about the same thing -- helping each other stay committed to your healthy, best self for yourself!  Let's face it, you can keep saying that you’ll start tomorrow or the next month. These are just excuses -- and what better way to start than with a group of men and women that get it!  It starts with you!!  When your the best self you can be your the best to everyone who is apart of your life! It only took me 15 years to find it and do it! 

I started with Black Sheep Studios in Harvey Cedars and could not get enough of their classes. I committed to 3-4 days a week for my first month! Business grew so fast and the need for a bigger studio happened! I couldn't be happier to move wherever Black Sheep was going! 

With no change in my eating habits -- which are not the best – and no more gym every morning at 5:30 for an hour, I have lost 32lbs in 3 months!! I have seen a huge change in my strength, core and shape! My goal is 160-180 with a great shape & tone-ness to my figure!  For once in my life, I want my body to feel amazing all the way around.

 The next step for me is to make change in my eating habits. Now that I am committed to coming to a class that makes me feel fantastic every day, I have to make the commitment to what I put in my belly!

Every day that I go to class I meet more amazing men and women. Some women even plan it as a date with their life partner -- I love that (and I am hoping to get mine to come too)!  We all need an outlet from our busy, busy lives and it’s is nice to go to a place where you socialize with people who want you to be your best :) 

- Jessica Little

NEW To Black Sheep Studios: HIIT!

Black Sheep Studios is bringing the heat with HIIT! Join instructor Nikki Azzolino this Tuesday for our very first HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class. HIIT is similar to Tabata, and provides a full body workout incorporating high intense cardio and circuit training.

Don’t let the “high intensity” part scare you off. Nikki’s classes are fun and motivating! She goes through each move to make sure that you know what’s coming next and can keep up. She’s also able to modify the program to make sure that flock members with every level of experience can join in on the sweaty, good fun.

Meet Nikki and give it a try! Our first HIIT class is Tuesday, June 28 at 9:30 AM. HIIT classes run every Tuesday and Friday at 9:30 AM. Sign up using the Mindbody app.